A New Vision of Black Freedom: The Manning Marable Memorial Conference | April 26-29, 2012

Conversations with CARL HART & ASHA BANDELE

Event Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2013 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm
754 Schermerhorn Ext.

Conversations with Carl Hart & Asha Bandele


Carl Hart is a groundbreaking neuroscientist shares his story of growing up in one of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods and how it led him to his pioneering work in drug addiction. As a youth, Carl Hart didn't realize the value of school, studying just enough to keep him on the basketball team. At the same time, he was immersed in street life. Today, he is a cutting-edge neuroscientist—Columbia University’s first tenured African American professor in the sciences—whose landmark, controversial research is redefining our understanding of addiction.  In this provocative and eye-opening memoir, he recalls his journey of self-discovery, interweaving past and present, Hart goes beyond the hype as he examines the relationship between drugs and pleasure, choice, and motivation, both in the brain and in society. His findings shed new light on common ideas about race, poverty, and drugs and explain why current policies are failing.  But while Hart escaped neighborhoods that were dominated by entrenched poverty and the knot of problems associated with it, he has not turned his back on it. Determined to make a difference, he tirelessly applies his science to help save real lives. But balancing his former street life with his achievements today has not been easy—a struggle he reflects on publicly for the first time. A powerful story of hope and change, of a scientist who has dedicated his life to helping others, High Price will change the way we think about poverty, race, and addiction—and what we can do about them.

Asha Bandele joined the organization in April 2005, a few months after the historic implementation of the first reforms to New York’s draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. She directs the Advocacy Grants program, an initiative that funds organizations dedicated to reforming drug policy through education and activism.  In this capacity, she works with and learns from an incredible array of drug policy reformers across the United States. 

A former Columbia University Revson Fellow who earned her B.A. at The New School and her M.F.A. at Bennington College, bandele has spent much of her career documenting issues of social concern through her work as journalist.  She has published a wide range of stories in outlets as diverse as The New York Times, Family Circle, Essence and Vibe, among others. bandele is the author of four books including the award-winning memoir, The Prisoner’s Wife, and recently finished her fifth, another memoir about raising a child who has an incarcerated parent.

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